The Rolling Tones

HARVEST is a fresh energetic live show, full of vocal range & musical depth that guarantee’s a night of classic and contemporary chart busting rock songs with a "LIVE" energy rarely found on today’s band circuit.






The Rolling Tones has been formed by 4 members of The Rocking Stones.


The founding vision is to play a real-life rock & roll version of The Rolling Stones that took the world by storm back in the 60's and 70's.


Each member of the band has 20 years experience playing in a variety of Adelaide bands across a variety of venues and are very professional in their approach.


The band has established a solid reputation and attract an audience everywhere they go because the audience knows the hit songs and loves them.


The Rolling Tones are available to play corporate shows and festivals, pubs, clubs and private parties.


The Rolling Tones are:

Darren Aberle - Lead Vocals/Harp
Paul Martin - Bass Guitar/Backing & Harmony Vocals
Stuart Knowles  - Guitars
Travis Cardinal - Guitars & Harmony Vocals
Rob DeGrassi - Drums