Fahrenheit 451

Over the years we played all the top venues in town, like the Princeton Club, Fiesta Villa, Sam’s, Sergio’s and Multiplication and still to this day maintain a reputation for being Adelaide’s top band for playing the 60’s & 70’s music. Our songs feature harmonies similar to the Hollies, Beatles and Beachboys etc.





Established 1967

These words on Roger was written by John Vincent, Adelaide’s most loved top radio announcer, compare and vocalist in his own right, and my friend since 1969. We met at the Sergio’s Disco opening at the Tonsley Hotel Friday April 4th 1969.


Roger Ball (Vocalist and Founder in 1967) Roger is one of Australia's foremost entertainers. Roger's stage career commenced at the age of 19, when he entered a talent quest at the Miami Club at the Brighton Town Hall in 1965. Roger won and in the audience was a band promoter who offered him a job with a new band that was being formed. Roger joined in 1966 and the band became "Roger Ball and the Bouncers ". Roger has a natural ability to control an audience and his incredible talent has enabled him to continue fronting "Fahrenheit 451" since 1967. Roger has appeared on "Teen Time" and "Adelaide Tonight", and after appearances with these shows, quickly established himself as a very talented performer, working in later years with such artists as, Johnny O'Keefe, Kamahl, Frankie Davidson, Jimmy Barnes, Bob Francis, John Vincent, Ross D Wylie, John Farnham and Fats Domino. Roger has regularly performed in Adelaide's "High Profile" venues. Apart from Fahrenheit 451 Roger’s other bands over the years were Roger Ball & the Bouncers, Who Cares, Rock Solid, A Bit on the Side, King Arthur and the Rockets, Limited Edition, JJR Band, XXL and Fully Loaded.


John Boath (Lead guitar and vocals) John’s first start in music was a bugler in the cadet band at school 196… He first started playing in bands in 1967. Other bands he has played in over the years are Soul Distortion, KID, Fahrenheit 451, Zodiacs, Rock Bottoms, Naked Frogs, JJR Band, XXL and Rocky Bits. He has backed many top named artists including Normie Rowe, Bev Harrell, Lisa Edwards (Farnham band) and some minor luminaries that would not like their names associated with him in the same sentence. His philosophy on life is “What goes on tour stays on tour.”


John Summerton (Bass guitar and vocals) John started playing at school in 1962 with the Detours. In 1965 he joined the Red Backs and in 1966 the Pilgrims who played at all the local Disco’s. It was the first band to play at Fiesta Villa and they appeared regularly on Adelaide Tonight. In 1970 he joined Fahrenheit 451 followed by Travis Wellington Hedge. He has played with some of Adelaide's finest musicians over the years and has been a member of Fahrenheit 451 on a regular basis again since 1994. John has backed such artists as Johnny Farnham, Ross D Wylie, Colleen Hewitt, Normie Rowe, Ernie Sigley and many more of Australia’s top recording artists.


Bill Semple (Rhythm guitar and vocals) Bill is a foundation member of Fahrenheit 451, joining after a few years of working in a folk duo. He left the band to go overseas for 2 years, rejoining on his return, but leaving to follow other musical interests a few years later. He subsequently played in Webster, Country Connection and the Boomers as well as filling in with a number of other Adelaide bands. Bill’s passion is harmony vocals.


Bruce Heaft (Drummer and vocals) Bruce started in the same school band as John Summerton (The Spookmen / Detours). Their music careers changed direction after that with Bruce playing in such bands as The Third Party (Australian hit “Russian Spy and I”), The Esquires, Showtime and The Elvis Tribute Band. Bruce worked with the Sydney based Johnny O’Keefe Memorial show for Xmas Seasons 1994/5/6 at the Royal Coach and Arkaba Hotels. From 2001 to 2003 Bruce formed the successful Showtime Band and produced the musical “Rock the Decades” for the Xmas Seasons at the Bridgeway Hotel. He has backed some of the greatest Australian artists including Johnny O’Keefe, John Farnham, Barry Stanton, Roland Storm, Vicki Forrest and Bev Harrell.