Brian Doyle, born in Dublin, Ireland is one of the most sought after comedians in this country. 

He has been nominated as Best Comedian every year since 1979 he has won six prestigious “MO” awards. 

He has also been voted  “Best Comedy Artiste” of  the year by the Variety Club.

In recent years Brian worked for all major corporate companies both interstate and overseas.  His talents have taken him into television both as a performer and a writer.  He has also hosted his own radio programme.

Brian is renowned for his laid back style, producing humour that is both political and topical.  He has supported many overseas stars including Bob Hope, Eartha Kitt, Tom Jones and Engelburt Humperdink.

Brian has done approximately four hundred stand up spots on television including:-
The Club Show - Channel 7
Penthouse Show - Channel 7 Melbourne
Graham Kennedy’s IMT
The Don Lane Show
The Big Gig - A.B.C.
Sports Awards - A.B.C.
Rugby League Show - Channel 7
Guest Compere The Midday Show - Channel 9

His writing credits include:-

The Logies
The Don Lane Show
Ernie Sigley’s Tonight Show
The Bert Newton Tonight Show
Election News (Channel 9)

He has also won the Golden Stylus Award for Radio Commercials, as well as performed in all the recent election broadcasts for Channel 9.

In 2002 Brian Doyle was chosen as the only support act to President Clinton during his speaking tour of Australia.