The “Cote” family name can trace its’ origin way back in time in India.

My family was an extremely talented one in the area of tailoring.

Our name was given to us as a result of our ability to make suits.

We made the “coats” and so, we became “the Cotes”.

It was my Great Uncle who started the business.

His name was Zipuppma Cote and my mother Ova Cote have continued working in the business all their lives.

The Pance family has now left India and are living in England, where they still work as tailors.

Uncle Undooma has five children to his wife Heshen.

They have three beautiful daughters, my nieces, Fatima Pance, Shipistan Pance and Undira Pance as well as two sons Shatma Pance who is fourteen and Crapma who is twelve years old.

The “House” family are relations on my wife’s side.

Inderijit Haus is a famous movie mogul in India and is married Jayul Haus.

They have two sons both of whom are very good golf caddies.

The eldest son, Ramshit Haus caddies for V.J. Singh. His younger brother Lahore Haus takes whomever he can get.

Myself and my lovely wife Shiraz live with our goods friends the “Bashes” on the Gold Coast, Qld.

Mustava Bash is a property developer and he and his wife Doyouwanne Bash have just one beautiful daughter.

He name is Shezadud Bash.